I open a tiny window in this #diary

Posted by Cgbalu on 08:47 PM, 05-May-16

This 100 words diary is like opening a small window of my life.
If someone happens to read they get a small glimpse of my face.
Whether I am wearing clothes or am naked at home they will not know.

A man is judged by what all he can remember and put forth in expressions like speech or writing.

I don't remember the thought that just passed through me now, sometimes.
How can I give you the best of my thoughts through a small window?

When I open the window, just question me something. You may get a better glimpse.

Coffee with love to the 57 year old kid #diary

Posted by Cgbalu on 09:26 PM, 04-May-16

Evenings I ask my mom to prepare coffee. . Frail mom obliges. Am I hard on her to request to do this chore? Oh, her fingers are bent. Damn rheumatism. She cannot move about fast. Her legs pain like hell. She cannot hear. When I ask her coffee, she moves driven by love. Ah- succeeds in lighting the stove. She pours the decoction into the vessel. She boils the milk. She mixes... [Read More]

pap and blathering #diary

Posted by Cgbalu on 08:59 PM, 03-May-16

These writings are simply pap and blathering. There is no surrealism in these posts. There is an itch to write and that is done framing certain rules and routines. Writing one hundred words is one rule. Picking up a subject for  a day, posting them into a blogging platform I choose and creating the diary link at twitter around 9 pm are the... [Read More]