Posted by Cgbalu on 09:12 PM, 02-Jul-16

I should write something fast. I should not bog my mind thinking what to write. I should not also over think about the facility I should take to write. A simple word utility from MS will do. The words are automatically counted. This month, whatever I write will be uploaded to Zoho writer.

Sunday’s I should change the blogging place. Today is Saturday and tomorrow, I will change the place to put in 100 words. Thinking of Face book notes. If things work out well and I find interesting things to write I shall make the writing for seven days.


Posted by Cgbalu on 09:08 PM, 01-Jul-16

Why am I feeling guilty? The plans were fantastic. I took a day off. In a relaxed way I can take her to the function. The more relaxation, the more fun will be the relaxation. The people who invited us for the function had invited us in a grand way. They had given wife a nice Sari. She wore it with all interest. The function was... [Read More]

Bravo dear ones

Posted by Cgbalu on 09:15 PM, 04-Jun-16

The Writing diary obsession began at MyWapBlog on the very first day during May 16. This June month I'm using MyWapBlog on 3rd day (happened) Dear 1: She need not get scared this much. Without fear she can take steps. She will be alright if she is bold. Dear 2 What is scaring her to drive a car? She can take it... [Read More]