One, two, three, four....#diary

Posted by Cgbalu on 09:14 PM, 07-May-16

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight.....
that's all remaining in my mouth now.
What is the count?
Yes, all molars gone. Premolar went. Incisors went. Some canines' are hanging around. The dentist couple very happily injects anaesthesia and 'dong'... They pull out my teeth - two per sitting. Four hundred bucks are also extracted. Then advice: "remove the cotton after half an hour. Eat ice cream Take painkiller if needed."
The anaesthesia numbness remains some time.
I don't care, my teeth are going....but regret, they could have gone to oblivion after getting my Grandfather Status.

Creative juice #diary

Posted by Cgbalu on 08:47 PM, 06-May-16

In the Sunday Science edition in one of the twitter accounts, I read about the biological time in humans. It said that between 11 PM and 1 AM the mind is creative. I can vouch for this fact. When I was at college, or when I was studying for some job-related examination, what little knowledge that went inside my head was around... [Read More]

I open a tiny window in this #diary

Posted by Cgbalu on 08:47 PM, 05-May-16

This 100 words diary is like opening a small window of my life. If someone happens to read they get a small glimpse of my face. Whether I am wearing clothes or am naked at home they will not know. A man is judged by what all he can remember and put forth in expressions like speech or writing. I don't remember the thought... [Read More]