More efforts

Posted by Cgbalu on 04:04 PM, 30-Sep-16

Sister had 4 working days at Hubballi and reached Bengaluru today.

The ASUS laptop is back from the repairs. Working well.

Today is Mahalaya Amavasya. A special new moon day. Nine days of dussehra festivity begins.

I am trying my level best to study for the forthcoming examination on 4th and 5th of October.

I am motivating myself that I have come very near to the success and I should not quit.

I shouldn't fail to put the extra efforts which I've not put forth in my life so far. Keep digging the tunnel.


I'll do that with all earnestness.

Chin up

Posted by Cgbalu on 10:41 AM, 27-Sep-16

ThumbnailThe ASUS laptop fellow says that he will be telephoning this week. He has estimated a sum of ₹ 7000/- for the 'processing board' repair. I'll be getting around ₹ 9000 this month as extra in my salary. The amount minus the income tax I've to pay for that amount (20%) would suffice to pay this repair bill. Glad about this. My... [Read More]


Posted by Cgbalu on 12:32 PM, 24-Sep-16

Thumbnail24 days have gone in the month of September. (24th is being in the process of going) The diary writing at MyWapBlog was taken up to have a diversion from the Study project I've undertaken. Twelve entries have been made so far. I intend to make 15 entries and call it September! There is time enough. Only thing is that I've to get... [Read More]