Posted by Cgbalu on 12:32 PM, 24-Sep-16


24 days have gone in the month of September. (24th is being in the process of going)

The diary writing at MyWapBlog was taken up to have a diversion from the Study project I've undertaken.

Twelve entries have been made so far. I intend to make 15 entries and call it September!

There is time enough. Only thing is that I've to get hold of it.

Glad. I'll do that. This is the thirteenth entry for the month of September and I'll will write two more entries and the rest of the time will be used for full time Study

New Dentrures

Posted by Cgbalu on 03:01 PM, 22-Sep-16

ThumbnailYes, from yesterday onwards, I have started wearing Dentures. Now teeth are there in my mouth! The initial practice of biting things is going on. Hopefully, I can bite nuts like groundnut, almonds, and cashew nut. Thanks much for my wife and children, they are happy to see me smile with false teeth. Thanks to my dentist whom you see in the picture who has... [Read More]


Posted by Cgbalu on 01:05 PM, 21-Sep-16

I am glad that something is there in my mind that tells me that thinking like this and acting like this is not good. Glad that, that 'something' also tells me that a serious effort is to be made to remove that lethargy or useless thing will not at all work. The Gladness also tells me (oh that 'something' I began to... [Read More]